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Evaporation Technologies

Not one single evaporation technology is ideal for every site and situation. On each site the following factors need to be considered:

  • Required plant capacity.
  • Drift sensitivity.
  • Pond/dam size, site layout and perimeters.
  • Type of water (pH, TSS, TDS).
  • Power available.
  • Annual weather conditions and prevailing winds.
  • Planned plant lifetime and requirements to move units.

Based on the requirements above, a technology or combination of technologies can be selected. Enervap provides the following technologies:

  • Fracturing units (pond and land based).
  • Cannon units (land based).
  • Nozzle systems (pond and land based).


For sites with low TDS water and which are less sensitive to drift and overspray, cannon misting systems are ideal to eliminate excess water. These units can either be fixed on site or be trailer mounted for easy mobility.


When large quantities of water need to be eliminated over long periods of time, a nozzle system is an extremely cost effective option. These systems are custom designed for capacity and drift. Units can either be floated on the dam/pond or be placed on the beach.


The Snow Machines Incorporated 420 series fracturing units have a 20 year track record of evaporation in some of the harshest conditions and waters. These units atomize and lift water through a high speed patented fan. The floating 420F model is especially suitable for sites that are sensitive to drift and overspray. These units are placed on the pond and are controllable to limit drift according to the weather conditions.

The units can be selected for high and low corrosive waters, and have operated in waters with a pH as low as 2. Solids of up to 5 mm can be passed, making this technology suitable for dirty water without the need for additional filtration.